The Conservative Caregiver

Be conservative in your criticism and in the use of negative words. Words like “stop,” “don’t,” “that’s wrong,” “I already told you that,” and so on and on.

When you have Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia causing illness, your day is full of mistakes. You no longer remember how to go about doing a familiar task.  You may no longer recognize people or your environment causing you to make even more mistakes.

It is very hurtful to have attention drawn to your on-going mistakes. The caregiver who is very frugal and conservative with hurtful words or comments is giving a priceless gift to the elder they care for.

The Liberal Caregiver

Be liberal in your use of positive sounding words and compliments. Use positive words that encourage like: “good job,” “nice,” “looks good,” “I like that,” etc. Be liberal in your supportive words like “thank you,” “I appreciate your help,” etc. Be liberal in your complimentary words like “beautiful,” “pretty,” attractive,” “strong,” “cute,” etc.

Once you start thinking in terms of positive sounding words and you see how really powerful those words can be, being a conservative/liberal caregiver will just come naturally.

Virginia Garberding R.N.

Director of Education, The Wealshire, Lincolnshire, Illinois

Author: Please Get To Know Me – Aging with Dignity and Relevance

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