The best gift for the elder with Alzheimer’s disease is the time you spend with them. When language skills are lost, spend time doing something together. Whether it is sending out Christmas cards, cutting out old cards, making Christmas cookies or trimming the tree, the activities of the holidays are perfect for doing something with the confused elder.

When you want to find the perfect gift for the confused elder, go to a store just for persons with Alzheimer’s disease. This one is always my favorite!

Best Alzheimer’s Products have done it again, made gift giving so much easier for the elder on your list with Alzheimer’s disease. Their site gives the reader a good definition of the stages of Alzheimer’s disease and then goes so far as to put together gift boxes perfect for an elder in that stage.

I love browsing through the online catalogue. But when I am looking at the Best Alzheimer’s Products, I always seem to enjoy the weighted bears the most. These bears are perfect when you want to give an elder something to hold. They have some aromatherapy herbs inside for calming anxiety, soothing aches and helping the elder sleep. These stuffed bears can also be put in the microwave or freezer to provide hot or cold therapy in a very fun way.

The elder who is in the late stage of Alzheimer’s disease can be entertained as well as comforted with one of the variety of activity muffs – Twiddle Muffs. The muffs are cute animal shapes with activities attached like buttons and ribbons. They also are just great to cuddle because they are so cute.

From games to something to hold, there is something for everyone at this online store.

The Best Alzheimer’s Products online store is well thought out and user friendly. They are advertising that if you order by 12/20/2012 you can still get something for Christmas.


Virginia Garberding RN

Director of Education, The Wealshire, Lincolnshire, Illinois

Author: Please Get To Know Me – Aging with Dignity and Relevance

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