Please Get to Know MePlease Get to Know Me – Aging With Dignity and Relevance

Does life inside a nursing home seem frightening, unappealing, or mysterious? Are you unsure how to choose a really good one for your elderly relative? Please Get To Know Me, by Virginia Garberding, R.N., is an insider’s guide to everyday life in a nursing home. Her unique experience as a professional and a family member will encourage and equip you to resolve issues lovingly and proactively.

Help your elderly loved one find comfort, safety, relevance, and respect no matter how frail he or she is.

Find out:

  • What is the “promise” that parents ask of their children?
  • How can I communicate effectively with the healthcare team?
  • Who are the significant members of the healthcare team?
  • What are their responsibilities?
  • Why does the quality of life depend so much on the family, when we have selected the best facility?
  • How can I visit meaningfully, when the elder has Alzheimer’s disease?
  • How can I let go, and let God, and be able to say that last good-bye?

About the Authors:

Virginia Garberding, a Registered Nurse certified in Restorative Nursing, has devoted more than twenty years as a geriatric staff nurse and supervisor. She is a nurse educator for The Wealshire in Lincolnshire, Illinois, a pioneering facility in the care of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

Cecil Murphey, former pastor and hospital chaplain, has authored more than a hundred books, including the best seller 90 Minutes in Heaven, written for Don Piper. Cecil and his wife, Shirley, cared for an elderly relative for over seven years. He has written several books on this topic, including My Parents My Children: Spiritual Help for Caregivers, and Aging Is an Attitude.

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