Caregiver Tips: Alzheimer’s Disease/Stroke When The Elderly Start Undressing In Public.

When confused elderly always want to take their clothes off.   What could possibly be harder than caring for your parent, and now not only are they incontinent – but they want to get those clothes off – and are undressing. Trying to preserve the … [Continue reading]

Caregiver Tips: The Pain of Shingles – so much worse for the confused, elderly with Alzheimer’s

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’m thinking about my dear friend who was just diagnosed with shingles. And a particularly severe and painful attack involving not only her skin and nerve endings but her eyes. “Attack” is really a … [Continue reading]

Caregivers Tips- for Celebrating the Holidays with Elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease in a Nursing Home.

Change expectations of the "Perfect Holiday"   I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, sometimes that perfect picture of the “oh, so perfect holiday” needs to be re-visited when a family member has dementia. Many times try as they may to have that Merry … [Continue reading]

Caregiver’s Tips: Caregiver approach makes a difference for elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregiver Approach Affects Behaviors of Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease When working with elderly with Alzheimer’s disease make sure that you are calm, not in a hurry and able to focus your attention on this individual. Remember that people with … [Continue reading]