Alice and Todd were very hesitant to talk to Alice’s parents. They had just finished the 12 Point Senior Living Assessment, and it didn’t go too well. There turned out to be red flags in pretty much every category, especially troubling were the physical safety questions. The neighborhood that Alice had grown up in now wasn’t considered a safe part of the large city.  The home would now need motion activated lighting outside as well as the improved locks noted.

Other areas that came to light were that her parents were hoarding expired medications. The elderly couple admitted that mom had fallen a few times, and they just didn’t want to bother anyone because she really wasn’t hurt. And the list went on. It now seemed to the Alice that it was only a matter of time and one of these issues would result in possibly a debilitating injury for her parents, or worse. It also seemed to the concerned daughter, that this over whelming list wasn’t going to be well received by her elderly parents.

The two couples sat down to go over the list together, and before they even got to the concerns over medications and nutrition. Mom smiled at them all and said “When do we leave?” It turned out that Mom and Dad had also been concerned about their many challenges that were piling up. Now that their daughter had opened the conversation, they were more than ready to make some big changes.

It turned out that her parents had always hoped to move to a warmer climate, to a senior living community. What they had needed was someone to step in and help them with the decision that the time was now. The four of them came up with a plan to check out some communities according to location, budget, and services. They wanted to make sure once settled they would not be having to make another move anytime soon. Once they found a place where they not only could have their own apartment, but also offered a continuum of care that they could add services as needed, they were ready to make the move.

A year later the elderly couple were happily settled. Mom had been the church organist for many years back home. Now she volunteered in the senior community to entertain on the keyboard during parties. Dad had joined the chess club, and they both were making use of the community pool. Alice was comfortable with this safe community where her parents now lived, but she was hanging on to that 12 Point Senior Living Assessment.

Virginia Garberding RN

Certified in Gerontology and Restorative Nursing