Darren’s wife just received a new diagnosis – “dementia.” His wife Beth recognized that she was struggling with word finding, felt her thinking was “foggy,” and was searching for names when she ran into long time friends. But “dementia?” Beth thought that was a stretch and wasn’t buying it. No a diagnosis of dementia, wasn’t going to work for her.

It used to be that a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease was a certain future including a painful goodbye, and death sentence. With all of the wonderful information available today on improving your health, heart, and yes even brain,  now we have a road map to that brain health. However it is difficult to sift through all of this info to find what applies to you. In The End of Alzheimer’s Dr. Bredesen puts these pieces together, tying all of the current information into a doable plan.

The parts of the plan cover; diet, inflammation, infection, sleep, hormone imbalance, toxins and recommended, significant labs test.

For Beth and Darren that new diagnosis of dementia, need not be as scary as it once was. This is not easy, but taking care of a spouse needing total assistance and constant monitoring is not easy as well. So they will need to roll up their sleeves dig into this book and take a long look at their life style. Just looking at diet and getting rid of sugar, gluten and dairy could make a great difference if  these items are causing inflammation.

Beth could find that even things like aches and pains related to stiff joints and arthritis are greatly improved with her new diet. And, that her new diagnosis of dementia is really a call to action.

Virginia Garberding RN

Certified in Gerontology and Restorative Nursing